a revolution in
   eyewear cleaning
Peeps the new Revolutionary way to clean your glasses



Peeps is the revolutionary new cleaning method for all glasses including everyday glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses and safety glasses. Regardless of the type of glasses you wear and use, Peeps will clean them fast, easy and safely without harm to the glass surface or coating.

Peeps™  with a new Revolutionary design



One of the best things about Peeps is its revolutionary self-contained design that eliminates the need for tissues, micro fiber cloths and liquids that leak or dry up. This ground breaking, patent pending design is stylish while being practical. With a built-in retractable natural brush for dust, dirt and grit.

  Peeps™  with a new Revolutionary invisible carbon technology



The secret to Peeps is its revolutionary cleaning pads. Impregnated with a special invisible carbon compound that absorbs grease and grime. The pads and technology behind the cleaning process is so special a worldwide patent has been filed. No other cleaning method is as revolutionary.

  Peeps™  with new Revolutionary replaceable cleaning pads



Peeps incorporates revolutionary new cleaning pads; sized for any size glasses. From full-size everyday glasses to over the nose reading glasses. Regardless of the size, the patent pending cleaning pads impregnated with invisible carbon do the job fast, easy and safely without tissues, microfiber cloths or liquids to spill or dry out.

  Peeps™  with new Revolutionary built-in carbon reservoir



Peeps has a revolutionary replenishment system that keeps it working and energized for 500 cleanings. Every time the cleaning pads are used, slide them back into its patent pending case cover to recharge. After 500 cleanings, replace the cleaning pads and you are once again ready to experience the ultimate clear in clean glasses!