Sunpak LensPen

  Designed For

  Cleaning All

  Cameras and


The perfect accessory for cleaning your larger lens

  • Carbon cleaning formula

unique carbon compound

  • Safe

for all larger optical lenses; coated, and multi-coated

  • No liquids

tissues or cloths; self-contained

  • Extra-long life

with up to 500 cleanings

  • Environmentally-friendly

and non-toxic

  • Retractable

ultra-soft natural brush

  • Ergonomic shape

for comfort and ease of use

  • Nothing cleans

fingerprints or smudges faster, better or easier

Need to remove fingerprints, smudges, dust and dirt or just about anything from your lens?

The Sunpak LensPen can exceed the challenge!
It's safe, fast and easy to use on any optical lens; multi-coated, mono-coated and non-coated. It uses a new invisible carbon formula with no liquids to spill out or dry up which makes it environmentally friendly and non-toxic too.  
What makes the Sunpak LensPen so effective? Each LensPen cleaning tip is impregnated with a unique carbon formula that absorbs oily residues and contaminants; making it the most effective cleaning tool available.
When it comes to performance, the LensPen Original offers an extra-long life with up to 500 cleanings. Its ultra compact design fits in your pocket, clips to your camera strap or in your bag without taking up valuable space. And at less than an ounce, it won't weigh you down no matter where your travels take you.
The bottom line is that the Sunpak LensPen outperforms all other cleaning methods when it comes to removing fingerprints, smudges, dust and dirt. And it does it safer, faster and easier too!

Retractable Natural Brush

The retractable, ultra soft natural brush effectively and safely removes dust, dirt and grit prior to cleaning a lens surface with the Sunpak LensPen cleaning tip. 

Cleaning Tip

This is the business end of the Sunpak LensPen with a rubber based, ultra soft, concave chamois surface that is impregnated with LensPen’s proprietary carbon cleaning compound that absorbs grease, grime and finger prints for 500+ uses.



Unique: carbon cleaning compound

Safe: for all optical lenses; multi-coated, mono-coated and non-coated

Dry: no liquids to spill, drip or dry out

Extra-long life: with up to 500 cleanings

Non-toxic: environmentally friendly

Retractable: ultra soft natural brush

Static: reduces build-up

Easy: with brush and cleaning tip

Outperforms: all other cleaners

Compact: fits in pocket or bag or clip to camera strap


Proprietary: dry carbon

Coded: gold color bands for instant identification 

Compact: less than 4.5” long and under an ounce

Unique design: ergonomic shape for easier control and handling

Flexible: rubber tip flexes to follow the contour of any lens surface

Cap: screws on to keeps it secure from loss or damage

Automatic: replenishment of carbon compound with every use

Brush: retractable, push slide operation

Clip: large capacity opening for pocket or extra thick neck strap


Dimensions: 4.50”x0.66”x0.86”

Weight: 0.6 ounces

Tip size: 0.44”

Tip style: concave

Tip shape: round

Tip base: rubber

Tip surface: chamois

Uses: 500

Cap type: screw on

Cap reservoir: built-in, self replenishing

Ring ID: gold

Body type: ergonomic

Brush: ultra soft natural

Brush operation: manual

Brush length: 0.75”

Clip: integrated pocket

Body material: polycarbonate 

Catalog number: SP-LP1-MW

UPC number: 0 90729 60987 5


1. Remove any particles on the lens surface with the Retractable Brush.

2. Twist off the Cap and wipe the lens surface with smooth circular motions of the Cleaning tip. If some smudges persist, breathe gently on the surface and repeat the process. Twist the Cap back on.



LenPen Original is designed specifically for cleaning dust and fingerprints on optical lenses. Do not use on wet or plastic surfaces. Please carefully observe the instructions for use. Safety Data Sheets available upon request.